The 2008 outdoor dirt track season will be like no other before in western Washington with the Grand Reopening of the Rainier Flat Track, located at the Rainier Sportsman Club in the town of Rainier, Washington. There has been a great deal of effort from promoters and volunteers alike to try and bring Flat Track Racing back to Rainier. 

The master plan is to completely resurface the old track, which now consists of ground-up brick and whatever else was available back in the day. This new resurfacing project is not a task that any one person would care to bear alone.  At least that’s what I thought!  Apparently, there are a few people in the dirt track family whose passion is so great for the sport they “were” willing to take this on alone.  My hat is truly off to these few people. 

This is not going to be just another dirt track a bunch of people made by going round and round in the hay field.  This is going to be top-notch, best-of-the-best, world-class dirt track stuff. With the price of fuel pushing $4 a gallon and the fact that a dump truck gets around 4 to 5 miles to the gallon, you can see how the cost of this project has skyrocketed over the years. This is where the “DIRT TRACK FAMILY” comes in.  We are in desperate need of cash donations to help offset the fuel cost that will be incurred with trucking in the new clay.  We already have a few people that have donated dump trucks and a dozer but there still may be other things needed. 

Please see Kip Baker if you have a body or a piece of equipment that you would like to donate for a day or so.  The cost as of today is pushing the $5,000 mark.  I believe this is very doable.  I mean, if a hundred people were to kick in $50, we’re there.  We will further discuss this at Mickey’s Puyallup indoor race.  See you at the races, and thanks again for your support.

Hi Guys! Amy here!  So I am posting this information that was passed around at the Puyallup Races!  I am not directly involved, yet I am helping to use my name and my website and some of my time to help get Rainier back in shape!  This is the track that my  "career" in Flat Track began back over 15 years ago!  Its a place I hold close to my heart! If you can donate your time, equipment, or money then please do so!  We need another track in the Northwest, and this is one of the best!  I will have a donation can going around at the Puyallup Series, so if you can donate any money please see me!  This is the best sport around, and I know that if we all work together we can make the Rainier track the best it has ever been!  If you have any questions please E-Mail me!