Practicing at RMC
Upclose view of me on the CR450
A side view of me and the CR450
Backing it in at RMC
One of my Senior Pictures
Me and my boyfriend, Cody, at my Senior Prom
Me and my bestfriend, Maria, before Graduation
Me and my friend, Kate, in Springfield
Brandon and Ashleigh Atkinson and me
Me with my tounge out! Notice the difference between my 2 arms and shoulders
Me and my "Kids" at the Zoo. They are my world!
Racing at Rainier ST
Me at Hannegan ST, July 24th
Racing Around at Hannegan Speedway
Gassing it Up at Hannegan Again
Racing on my Favorite Track, RMC Indoor ST
Leading my heat race at RMC; I go on to win it!
Hanging out at the track this Summer
Getting all sideways at RMC, October 10th
Me and my boyfriend, Cody, with the pumkins we carved!
Me and my Personal Cake on my Birthday at the Elma Shorttrack, 11/13
2004 Photos