Name: Amy Lee McCoy (Pruczinski)
Hometown: Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Age: 24
Birthdate: 11/13/1985
Height:  5' 1 1/2"
Weight:  130 pounds
Current College: Edmonds Community College
Degrees Earned: Early Childhood Education
Degrees In Progress: Family Support Studies
Career: Pre-School Teacher for Low-Income Families
Racing Number: 25m
Class: Open Money
Bike: 2003 CR450F
Years Racing Experience: 19
First race: Rainier Short Track in 1992
First bike: Yamaha PW50
Favorite Track: DuQuoin Mile
Favorite Local Track: Castle Rock Short Track
Favorite Race: I have raced 2 years in a row at a track in Cottage Grove Oregon.  I love that track because it is high banked corners and really fast, and the fans there are amazing and so into the motorcycle races!
Favorite Racers: Joe Kopp #3.  He is not only an amazing racer, but an amazing guy.  He is down to earth, and would do anything to help out our local guys!
Other Racers in Family: Dad (Steve) Plus 40
                                            Brother (Dustin)  AMA Expert #49w
Favorite Food: Bread, Mexican Food, and All Fruit
Favorite Colors: Blue and Neon Green
Lucky Number: 25
Other Hobbies:  Working Out at the Gym, Children, Helping Promote Local Races, Building/Maintaing Websites, Mountain Biking, Play Riding, and traveling.
Favorite Music:  Pretty much anything country!  Chris Cagle and Trace Adkins are 2 of my favorites!  I also love John Mellencamp, Bob Segar, and Tom Petty.
Favorite Movie: World's Fastest Indian, Cinderella Story, Remember the Titans
Long Term Racing Goals: To continue to grow and progress in flat track racing.  To set a positive example for the young children who look up to me.  To overcome my nerve damage by working hard both on and off the track.  Most importantly, to never lose my love for Flat Track Racing.
Future Life Plans: Complete my Family Support Studies Degree, Buy a House, Have Children, Open my own In-Home Daycare and Pre-School Program, and Promote Flat Track Racing until the day I die!