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Wow.  I am updating my website.  Thanks to the extra push from my Grandma, and I am going to be trying to update my website more regularly.  It has been nearly 2 years, since I gave you an update on my life and on my Racing.  I can tell you that SO much has changed!  I no longer race on a regular basis.  I have that craving, that want, and that desire; but I have a problem.  After my crash in August of 2008, where I broke my ankle and seperated my shoulder, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia.  What this means is that I have brittle bones.  I was so close to having levels that would put me as having Osteoperosis.  It was a devestating blow to me when the diagnosis was made.  I felt at the time that if I chose to continue Racing, then I was making a choice to be hurt.  I started my first year of having my own classroom on a scooter, and was not walking normally until after Christmas.  Teaching had become my passion, and I knew I couldn't last with broken bones.  So at that time, I decided I needed to take a break.  The break didn't last that long.  With the first outdoor of 2009 approaching, I was itching to ride again!  I raced at the last Indoor Puyallup Short Track Race, and then went right back out to the big tracks.  The intensity wasn't there.  It wasn't about being scared, it was the fear of getting hurt.  It was the fear of losing the job I love, for the sport that I loved so much.  I raced 5 or 6 times during the Summer, and loved every minute of it.  I didn't run in the front, but I didn't get last. My Sumer fun of Racing came to an end in Mid-August when I FINALLY was able to get my pins out of my ankle.  I then spent another few weeks on crutches, but was able to start teaching in September being able to walk!  In September, Labor Day Weekend to be exact, I also got engaged to my long time boyfriend Cody.  So as you can see just this far...there are alot of changes in my life!  This Winter I spent the first part of the Season working at all the races.  But then that itch came again. The itch "I am not a happy person without my motorcycle!"  I was a little nervous to ride my 450 with the Pro's, so I rode it in the Girls Class.  Won every race I entered.  I also rode a friends little KX110 in the Mad Dog class and had a blast mixing it up with the little guys!  I gave it a rest a little year, because I knew I had a wedding approaching, and I wouldn't want to be hurt for that, although Cody said many times "It wouldn't be our wedding if you weren't on crutches!"  Luckily, I never fell off and I loved every minute of it.  On March 27th, 2010 I became Amy Lee McCoy and I married the love of the life in front of all my family and friends.  I do plan on Racing this Summer at some of our outdoor tracks.  I went trail riding a few weeks ago and had such a blast.  It felt good to be back on a bike of any sort!  Although I am not Racing every weekend, I am still actively involved in the sport on the local level.  At our local track, Rainier Short Track, I work sign-up and I announce the races.  I have found that I love doing that because I know everyone, know whats going on, and can enjoy myself for hours on end.  I help to advocate and promote our local races as well.  Someday, if we get my bones back to a healthy level where they won't break if I fall on ice (no joke--it happened) then I would love to get my Pro Licence again and give it a whirl.  I know I still have it in me!  As far as other updates on my life...My husband and I are living with my Grandma.  I married a Military Man (USCG) and he will be deploying in October.  When he returns we hope to buy a house together, and start a family shortly after.  I just completed my third year of teaching Pre-School for Low-Income Families.  I love it.  I love the children, the families, my co-workers, and the impact I have a possibility of making on these sweet innocent babies!  I still Nanny whenever I can, and actually will spend 6 weeks this Summer back with my 3 Girls I have been with for 5 years.  I am actively learning Spanish and am passionate about becoming completely fluent.  I work out at the gym as often as possible, spend time with my family, read books, and just love life.  I am a lucky girl and have been blessed with a life that many of those dream of!  No, I am not the "Flat Track Amy" that I once was, but I still am who I always have been...a big hearted girl who loves Flat Track Racing with everything she has! Thank you to everyone for their continued support!