Washington State and My 2008 Racing Schedule

1/5---Puyallup Indoor
1/19---Puyallup Indoor
2/2---Puyallup Indoor
2/23---Puyallup Indoor
2/29---Savannah, GA 1/2 Mile (AMA Hot Shoe)
3/1---Volusia, FL 1/2 Mile
3/2---Volusia, FL 1/2 Mile (AMA Hot Shoe)
3/3---Volusia, FL 1/2 Mile (AMA Hot Shoe)
4/26---Oakwood ST
5/3---Hannegan ST
5/10---Castle Rock ST
5/17---Oakwood ST
5/31---Castle Rock TT
6/7---Hannegan ST
6/14---Moses Lake 1/2 Mile
6/21---Rainier ST
6/28---Rainier ST
7/4---Castle Rock TT
7/5---Castle Rock ST
7/12---Hannegan ST
719---Rainier ST
7/25---Castle Rock
7/26---Castle Rock
8/1---Billings Montana Amateur Race
8/8---Castle Rock TT (Pro Race)
8/9---Castle Rock ST (Pro Race)
8/16---Rainier ST
8/22---Lebanon, OR (Gene Romero WCFTS)
8/23---Cottage Grove, OR (Gene Romero WCFTS)
8/30---Rainier ST
8/31---Castle Rock
9/6---Skagit Speedway
9/13---Rainier ST
9/19---Castle Rock
9/20---Castle Rock

The Rest of the Races Will Be Added Shortly...Stay Tuned!!!

Track Contacts
Castle Rock: (360) 274-8700
Hannegan: (360) 734-3929
Puyallup: (253) 862-9391